our client's point of view

The New Zealand wood industry is big. Big on commodities, big on jobs and big on export and, despite that, not big on promoting itself. 

When the industry body, the WPMA, came to Simon and said we've had enough of anonymity - we need to be on the nation's radar screen - his (unphased) response was "well, what do you want to say to the rest of New Zealand?". 

Simon has supported the industry through a lengthy process of strategic thinking and at the end of that captured screeds of words and pictures succinctly and powerfully into the logo Renewing New Zealand.  The WPMA Board's response on seeing the logo centred around "brilliant" with the order that we go out and trademark immediately. 

Simon, thank you for listening carefully to a lot of, often, conflicting advice and then cutting to the quick with a brand that provides the banner for an industry leading the charge towards NZ's low carbon economy.

Jon Tanner


We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Simon. Developing the Touchstone Strategy brand has been a creative, fun and smooth process. Simon worked with us to really understand what made our business tick then took us somewhere we couldn’t have reached on our own. He was always prepared to go the extra mile – nothing was too much trouble.  We love the brand and its execution on our website.

Douglas Wood

Dallorzo Smith is always very obliging and nothing is too much trouble. They have a relaxed and friendly approach and get to grips very quickly with their client's needs.

They are good at trouble shooting and come up with solutions to tricky problems. They are timely and affordable and always follow through on a promise. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Carolyn Copland

Simon has done a fantastic job with our company’s Brand Discovery Report. It was a really enjoyable and enlightening process – an exercise that in a previous company took weeks of agonising debate –  and even 6 years on every tricky email I write I still refer back to it to ensure my language is fit for purpose! Job well done...

Alex Page